COVID -19 Testing Walmart Milford PA

My name is Hassaun; I am the Store Manager of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in Milford PA.

It’s my pleasure to correspond with you today, and I would enjoy an opportunity to meet and greet with you in the near future, to share all of the exciting thoughts I have for the store, and how this could support our community, our seniors, educators, students, professionals, our religious leaders and our families, our community.  My team, my leadership and I are committed to having this store, work in the community, for the community. 

In the spirit of community today I am writing, on behalf of our community, as of Friday  5/22/2020 this store will be a COVID 19 express testing site. My pharmacist Manager  Gary and I are committed to supporting this endeavor as we look to ensure all of our communities are well, Walmart Is committed to supporting our local communities and federal government doing this pandemic. 

I wanted to share this important information with you, as testing is available to our community. Please feel free to share this information as well. Spread the word, we would like everyone to feel safe and be well.  


Thank You!  

And take a little time to ENJOY your View!! 

Hassaun Telfair 

Store Manager 

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