(FOR Grant Admins) FEMA / PEMA Large Project Formulation Training WebEx

PEMA and FEMA have added an additional series of WebEx based trainings that will focus on the creation of large project applications in Grants Portal. Large projects are those activities that have incurred costs greater than $131,100 in eligible emergency protective measures associated with the response to COVID-19. The scheduled trainings will be approximately 90 minutes in length.  These trainings are scheduled for; Tuesday 5/26/20 at 10:00 AM and Wednesday 5/27/20 at 1:00 PM. With the trainings being held at different times each day, you have the ability to attend a training that works best for you. These trainings will discuss more in-depth project applications such as community mass testing, non-congregate sheltering, feeding, etc.

This training will provide the process of how to enter Grants Portal and create a project application for completed work that exceeds the $131,100 large project threshold. Once the training is completed, applicants that have incurred costs exceeding the large project threshold will be able to login to Grants Portal and create their large project application to submit for eligible FEMA reimbursement.

An example of this process would be: An applicant that has incurred $150,000 in eligible emergency protective measures including labor, equipment, materials, contracts, and rentals.

Infrastructure Assets Group Supervisor

Commonwealth Resource Coordination Center (CRCC)

Pennsylvania Emergency management Agency


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