Pike County Gatherings Policy for County Property

Policy for Public Gatherings on Property Owned by the County of Pike
This policy is being instituted to provide ample time to the County and County officials to prepare for
events to be held on County property. Such events may require security to protect the safety of
residents, County employees and attendees. As elected officials we have taken an oath to support the
United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions, including the right to free speech and assembly as
protected by the 1 st Amendment to the United States Constitution. However, we also have a duty to
protect the health, safety and welfare of the community and its residents. We request that all residents,
organizations and political parties respect the obligation of elected officials to protect the community.
Please help us protect you while you exercise your Constitutional rights.
1) No person or entity shall conduct or hold a public gathering on Pike County property without
first obtaining a permit from the County.
2) The Applicant must apply for a permit by filing an application in person or by mail with the
County of Pike at the Administration Building located at 506 Broad St. Milford PA 18337.
a. The application must be filled out completely and signed and dated by the Applicant. If
the public gathering is sponsored or produced by an entity, a person legally authorized
to bind the entity must also sign the application.
3) The Application for a Permit must be submitted to the County of Pike at least five (5) business
days prior to the proposed date and time of the public gathering. However, the County will
accept applications less than five (5) days prior to the proposed date and time of the public
gathering; provided, however, that the proposed public gathering is a spontaneously-planned
event in response to a recent occurrence (e.g. a march or rally that is timed to coincide with a
recent or future political or other announcement, decision, determination or declaration by a
local, state or federal official).
4) The Application shall be deemed submitted on the date it is received by the County, or if
received on a holiday or after normal business hours, on the next business day that is not a
holiday.Pg. 2 – Policy for Public Gatherings on Property Owned by the County of Pike
5) The County will approve an Application and grant a Permit unless there is a basis for denial of
the Application.
a. The following grounds will constitute a sufficient basis for denial of an Application for a
i. The Application for a Permit (including any required attachments and
submissions) is not fully executed and completed;
ii. The Application contains a material falsehood or misrepresentation.
6) The County may place a reasonable restriction on the conduct of the public gathering, which
restrictions may consider the customary use and nature of the County property, recreational use
policies, the size and location of the property, and the degree to which the public gathering
might interfere with the customary uses and adopted recreational use policies for the property.
The Applicant is advised that times of any public gathering may be limited to when the County
facilities where the public gathering is to take place are not in use, including the grounds of the
Pike County Courthouse, so as to not interfere with the business of the Courts.
7) Candles shall not be permitted on sidewalks, steps, landings and other non-grassy areas, as the
wax damages the sidewalks.
8) No public gathering shall occur on the sidewalks of the Pike County Correctional Facility or on
the grassy areas between the sidewalks and the facility, so as to not impede any emergency
services in the event of an emergency at the Correctional Facility. Public gatherings in close
proximity to the facility may incite inmates within the facility and put staff at risk. Public
gatherings at the Correctional Facility can only occur in designated areas set up by the facility

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