Radio Station

Our local AM – Emergency Management Radio station can be heard on 1630 am.

Through a CBDG grant, Matamoras Emergency Management has completed the installation of an AM Radio Station – transmitting on 1630 AM. This station is a local source of public information and emergency announcements – controlled locally and remotely by the Emergency Management Staff.

Our station covers a range of about 2 miles, and is well received in Matamoras, Port Jervis, and many parts of Westfall Township.

This station is provided as a public service to the community and will carry up to date information concerning public notices and public safety messages.

If you would like to request a message to be placed on the air, please forward your request to – please note that this station’s on air content is strictly regulated by the FCC and all requests must be reviewed and approved for content.

Submitting a request for on-air announcements is no gurantee that your request will make it on the air.

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